Environment Summary


You just need to walk around the exterior of Mas del Mar to realise the natural wealth surrounding the house. It’s a dreamscape!

Swimming pool

In Mas del Mar’s garden you will find a 12×6 metres swimming pool, ideal to dive into fresh water after a day at the beach.


The white and fine sanded beach near Mas del Mar is large and wide, an ideal place to enjoy the calmness of a virgin coastal area. A lot of summer days, there is a very nice and light breeze since the fields near the sea are heated up by the sun and create an ascending draught. This is why it is also a nice place to initiate oneself in water sports such as kitesurf or windsurf.


Mas del Mar is located in Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park, one of the Mediterranean areas with more animal variety. Along with a singular vegetation, there are more than three hundred birds (nesting, migratory and hibernating birds), a lot of which are protected. In addition, there are mammals (e.g. deers, genets, otters, hares…), reptiles (e.g. chalcides striatus, lacerta bilineata), amphibians (p.ex. triturus marmoratus, triturus helveticus, hyla meridionalis), and the protected Spanish toothcarp (Aphanius Iberus). The ecosystem that must have captivated Greeks and Romans is being recovered thanks to a very careful management of Empordà’s marshlands.
Mas del Mar is placed between Cap de Creus and Medes islands Natural Parks where a wide range of sea life creatures can be found. Turtles, dolphins and our beloved sea-horse (Hippocampus ramulosus, Hippocampus hippocampus) stand out among this fauna.



The geranium is one of the plants that surround Mas del Mar. It was first introduced in Europe on the XVIth century and it still is a very significant element of the Mediterranean culture.

Olive tree

A more than half a century old olive tree will accompany us with its centenary history which is curiously as ancient as the history of Mas del Mar.